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Winchester 52B Sporter


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Winchester Model 52B sporter bolt action rifle in .22 lr. This is a completely original and unaltered 52B in 98%+ condition. The gun was built in the 1956; and the barrel is dated 1952, as were many of the 52B Sporters. These fabulous .22 bolt action rifles were originally made by Winchester to complement the Model 70 Supergrade rifles…similar cheek piece, similar ebony forearm tip, the same inletted Supergrade swivels and similar overall feel. 52B Sporters did not have holes in the top of the receiver for scope mounts, however many of the them were subsequently drilled and tapped for scope mounts by local gunsmiths. As I said at the top: This gun is original, unaltered and in “minty” condition.

$5,750.00 SN: 84637B