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Winchester 1886 Deluxe .40-82


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Winchester 1886 Deluxe lever action rifle, .40-82 WCF. Made in 1887 this beautiful John Browning designed rifle was specially ordered in the 2nd year of production with octagon barrel, set trigger, checkered pistol grip stock (Deluxe), XXX wood and shotgun butt. The wood grain in the deluxe butt stock is magnificent and the frame is marked with three X’s signifying the high grade wood. The case coloring has all but faded although a few, thin spots of case colors can be found. The barrel blue has developed a nice dark blue/brown patina. The bore is bright, the rifling strong and the action is strong and solid as it was designed to be for large calibers. There are no cracks of damage to the wood other than 130 years of handling. The rear barrel sight was replaced with a receiver sight and it looks like it has been there since day one. It weighs 9 lbs. 8 oz. It comes with a Winchester letter of authenticity. Very nice antique Deluxe 86 in a sought after caliber.

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