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Parker DHE 20 gauge


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Parker DHE 20

Parker DHE 20 gauge SxS shotgun. Made in 1916. This gun has 28” barrels; right tube bore diameter is .618 and the choke constriction is .014 (IM) and the left tube has a bore diameter of .620 and choke of .025 (full). FYI .620 bore is considered standard. The barrels are Titanic steel and have 80% thinning blue. There is very light pitting evident in the last 3 1/2” of each tube and a very small “ding” in the bottom of the right tube 3 1/8” from the muzzle. Neither the light pitting or the “ding” would impede the performance of the gun.

The stock is straight grip, 14 1/8” LOP over a Jostam anti flinch recoil pad, 1 5/8” DAC and 2 9/16” DAH with just a slight amount of right hand cast. The Parker record book indicates a capped pistol grip stock instead of a straight/English stock and that is substantiated by the straightened pistol grip trigger guard tang that was fitted to the newer stock. However the stock is well crafted, checkered and finished as a proper DHE. The splinter forearm is original and shows signs of use by dents in the bottom and a small crack on the right side.

The frame is very fine. The engraving is exceptional for a D grade and the frame retains about 80% colors on the sides and 40% on the bottom. There are some very light, but noticeable spots of surface rust on the frame.

Mechanically very sound. Ejectors are in time and strong. Top lever still towards the right.

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