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Parker DHE 12 gauge


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Parker DHE 12 gauge SxS shotgun. An interesting gun!! The Parker Book lists this gun as a DHE 12 ga. with 30” barrels and capped pistol grip stock; so far so good. This gun does have 30” barrels but they are from a VHE and serial numbered 134258; the frame, trigger guard and forearm iron are numbered 148056! So this is a factory DHE that for some reason was fitted with VHE barrels a long time ago AND this gun was originally a double trigger gun and now it has a single selective trigger AND the safety was removed and the slot filled with a brass plug. The barrels have .734 bore diameters, both are choked FULL at .040” and both have nominal wall thicknesses of .030”. With those chokes and no safety and with a single trigger my guess would be that it was built for driven birds. The original stock has a skeleton butt plate; 13 ½” LOP, 1 5/8” DAC, 2 ¾” DAH and neutral cast. It has been fitted with a very nice looking beavertail forearm. It weighs 8 lbs. 5 oz. There is no finish left on the frame but it has not been buffed. The barrels have recently been rust blued by Turnbull. For this day and age this Parker might be the perfect vintage sporting clays gun.

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