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Parker AHE 12 gauge


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Parker AHE 12 gauge SxS shotgun. Made in 1923 this Parker remains exactly as is shows in the Parker Gun Identification & Serialization book; A6, 12 gauge, 30” barrels, straight grip stock, options of ejectors and single selective trigger! Outstanding engraving; duck vignette on the left side, quail vignette on the right side, a bird dog with retrieved quail on the floor plate, flying pheasant also on the bottom then profusely surrounded by fine floral and scroll engraving. The frame has something of a blue tint to it but it has never been polished or blued. The 30” solid rib Acme steel barrels have both front and mid original ivory beads and the barrels are choked .025” & .031” (IM/F) with bright and shiny bores. The straight grip stock has a 13 ¾ LOP from the SST over the replaced Whiteline pad (14 ¼” LOP measured from where a front trigger would be!), 1 ½” DAC, 2 ½” DAH and neutral cast. Those stock dimensions along with the barrel configuration, the #2 frame and the single trigger leads me to believe that this Parker was ordered to shoot trap. The barrel rust blue is just starting to “thin” in a couple of places. The wood appears to have had a coat of finish applied at some time, but thankfully not extra finish made its way into the checkering. Weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz.

This is a very fine Parker AHE in remarkable condition.

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