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Luciano Bosis, Michelangelo 20 ga. Pedersoli engraved


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Luciano Bosis 20 gauge O/U shotgun; Michelangelo model, best quality sidelock action. A truly spectacular gun with one-of-a-kind Bulino style engraved game scenes of quail and a favorite dog on the trigger guard by Gianfranco Pedersoli. Completed in 2009 this is a one owner gun that was hunted with sparingly and it remains in nearly perfect condition except for a few light handling marks in the stock. The 28” barrels have traditional .625” bore diameters and are choked .013” (modified) in the bottom barrel and .040” (extra full) in the top barrel. There is nominal wall thickness of .040” in both barrels. On top of the barrels is a raised, hand filed solid rib with brass bead. The action is a true, pinless, sidelock with a single non-selective trigger, “hidden” sidelock releases.

The absolutely masterful quail scene engraving by arguably the best Bulino engraver, Gianfranco Pedersoli is unparalleled in its execution and beauty. On the left side a German Shorthair is pointing a covey of Bobwhite Quail, on the right side are California Quail, on the bottom a Gambel’s Quail, yet another Bobwhite on the top tang and finally one more on the top lever. The “bust” of the Shorthair is on the trigger guard and all of the Bulino engraving is bordered by beautiful floral work with highlights in gold.

The stock and forearm are crafted from a magnificent piece of walnut that is as gorgeous as the engraving! The stock has a 14 ¾” LOP to the full checkered butt; 1 3/8” DAC; 2 7/16” DAH with ¼” cast at the heel and 3/8” at the toe favoring a right hand shooter. The forearm is fitted with an Anson at the end and has a gold Luciano Bosis crest in the middle of the bottom.

Factory, leather fitted luggage case with all accessories accompanies the gun. Order this gun today and expect to pay in excess of $130k and who knows how long it will take to get it!