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Garbi 101 side lock 16 gauge SxS game gun


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Garbi 101classic hand detachable sidelock SxS 16 gauge shotgun. Fabulous, high-condition game gun with 28” chopper lump barrels choke at .010” (IC) in the right and .017” (Mod) in the left. The barrels are topped with a raised, smooth concave solid rib. The frame retains almost all of its original case colors and the barrel blue and trigger guard are at 98%+ original blue. The nicely figured forearm and straight/English grip stock are finished in a hand rubbed oil. The LOP is 14 ½” over a Kickeez sporting clays pad and the length from the front trigger to the end of the wood is 13 ¾”; 1 ½” DAC, 2 1/8” DAH with neutral cast at the heel and a slight RH cast at the toe. Beautifully balanced between the hands and weighing a scant 6 lbs. 4 oz. FYI: For you James Bond fans the serial number is 007!

$5,500.00 SN: 27-03-007-00