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Custom bench loading ensemble


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Travel loading ensemble. I don’t know how else to describe this incredibly unique piece of equipment. This work of art has just become available out of the private collection of the gentleman designed it and machined all of the proprietary pieces. Like his rifles, which were extremely accurate and meticulously put together this portable loading package is the “best of the best”! Designed for field use it is completely set-up to load .22BR, 6mmBR, .222, .223, and a rimmed .222 Martini. In addition to the amazing machine work of the tools the case itself is a work of art made by master gun case maker Marvin Huey. This is the “ultimate” precision and brilliance of design. Dimensions: 16 ½” wide, 15 ½” tall, 5 ¼” deep and weighs 26 lbs. 6 oz.