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Colt Diamondback .22 E Nickel…RARE


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Colt Diamondback, .22 lr. 6” factory satin nickel with factory letter. Of the Diamondback .22’s the 6” nickel is the “holy grail” and the 6” electroless nickel is even more rare. This particular revolver was purchased directly from Colt at an employee sale in 1992 which was about 6 years after the last known production date! I cannot find an exact number for production but 6” bright nickel is estimated at 2200 and far fewer in electroless nickel and all the electroless nickel guns were made in the custom shop! My guess is that this gun was test fired in the 6 or so years that it sat around the Colt factory but it has remained unfired since it was bought in 1992. 98% overall condition. Box and paperwork.

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