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SOLD Boss & Company 12 gauge sidelock ejector gun. A truly spectacular London Best Gun that was ordered, according to factory records, on February 14th, 1958 by Abercrombie & Fitch. Ordered with 26” barrels choked IC and Modified, tapered concave smooth solid rib with Abelmarle address, single trigger, 2 ¾” chambers. It has 1 ½” DAC, 2 ¼” DAH and a 14 3/8” LOP to the checkered butt with “nil” cast. This beautiful Boss, at nearly 58 years, retains almost all of its original finishes. The case colors on the intricately engraved receiver are at least 95%. The beautiful deep blue on the barrels is 97-98% with just a few very light scratches. The blue on the trigger guard is 95-97%. The finely figured stock and forearm retain 97% finish and there are four small/shallow marks on the right side of the stock as if the shooter was left handed and the stock rested against a button on his vest! The original Brady leather take-down case is stamped Abercrombie and Fitch, made in London, has a Boss inside label and A&F snap caps and oiler & brush. The outside of lid is marked “C F H” as is the gold oval on the bottom of the gun’s buttstock. The bores remain perfect, .732” & .731 bores with .007” & .015” chokes and nominal wall thickness of .031”. This is a magnificent Boss that is ready for your next upland game hunt. It weighs 6 lbs. 4 oz.

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