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Los Ombues..Argentina 

The pictures immediately below are from Dove hunts at Los Ombues.  There is more information at the end of the photos.

Los Ombues is located in the province of Entre Rios, within 25 miles of Victoria.  For my Google Earth friends the locations is 32º 23' 37" S  60º 25' 39" W.  This is one of the very few shooting destinations in Argentina that offers a combination of Dove, Duck and Perdiz hunting, all right outside of the Estancia.  The mixed bag shooting season is from May 1 until August 15th and it is usually booked two years in advance.

If you are not into the "mixed bag" hunting, you can just hunt Dove in world class numbers literally five minutes from the estancia. Dove shooting is nearly year round with a lot of USA shooters choosing to escape our winter months to warm climate to Argentina.  I usually go the last week in February which is equivalent to the end of August here, which put the temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's. We can usually get you booked into a Dove hunt with not a lot of notice.

Since there are no long drives to the shooting fields lunch is served right at the lodge instead of out in the bush.  This gives you time for a siesta in your bed or time for a swim or workout in the adjacent, fully equipped health club. The lodge itself was custom designed and constructed as a hunting facility with 8 individual guest rooms with two beds, ample storage and closet space, and a full bathroom.

There is an outdoor pool, hot tub and fully equipped health club with sauna at the lodge if you want a workout.

All of the features and amenities are what led Los Ombues to be the 2012 Orvis International  lodge of the year!

I, personally, have been a guest at Los Ombues nine times in the last 11 years and there is no reason for me to think about a different Argentina destination and there are lots of reasons for me to return to Los Ombues!  I had hunted with outfitters in the Cordoba area several times before my first trip to Los Ombues, they were fun, but I've been spoiled by the staff, the facility, the amenities, the world class shooting and the close to the lodge shooting!

By now you know that I am a big fan of Los Ombues!

For more information about Los Ombues contact me by phone or e-mail.  I will be happy to arrange a trip for your group; to put together a group for you; and/or to answer all of your questions about expense, expectations and why you should choose Los Ombues.  

Los Ombues website is:

Nebraska Sandhills Hunt at the Abbott Ranch (featured in Shooting Sportsman)

Brad Wells of Blackstone Hunting in Bee, NE, Ralph Stuart and Thierry "Terry" Bombeke of Shooting Sportsman magazine on the Dry Flat pasture at the beautiful Abbott Ranch hunting the very elusive Grouse.  FYI..Ralph is carrying a mint Parker VHE 20ga, circa 1924; and Terry is carrying his special ordered Beretta 687 EELL 20ga. 

In the early mornings we set-up on any of the lush Sandhills marshes and bagged Mallards, Teal, and Scoup.

Flying the Abbott Ranch with Chris Abbott at the controls.  Below is 8 miles of the Snake River, full of trout.  The ranch has a plethora of hunting and fishing adventures.  Seasonally there is Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Duck/Teal/Goose,Prairie Chicken, Grouse and Ringneck Pheasant hunting along with Trout and Walleye fishing.

This is the "down on the ground" view of the Snake River at the northern edge of the ranch. 

For more information please contact me or Brad Wells at

Dove & Grouse opener at Abbotts (aka JC's Bachelor party)

BEEF from the Abbott Ranch 

This is a ridiculous question:  Do you enjoy really good beef?  

Steaks, roasts, burger?  I mean really good..Where the people who are selling the beef also raised the calves and hand selected them for processing.   This is the real deal..from rancher to you; completely FDA inspected pure succulent Angus beef grown in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

I know that your answer was YES so to order some of the truly best beef that you will ever taste contact:  Abbott's Sandhills Own Beef at or visit their website at or phone them at (308) 282-2826.

They guarantee it and I endorse it.


NEBRASKA Sandhills

One of the most beautiful places on earth and one of the least known...

The Retriever Academy 

I met my daughter, Fran, in Miami, OK to visit The Retriever Academy and check on the training progress of her, and her husband, JC's, fox red yellow labrador, Otter.  

From the minute that we were met at the gate by Brett I was impressed!  The Retriever Academy is avery first rate facility.  The grounds are beautifully maintained and manicured.  The facitlies are immaculate and all of this window dressing is representative to the care and training that the dogs are given.

Otter is 10 months old and has gone from a puppy to a hunter in 3 months and he will be heading home in another month.  Brett explained The Retriever Academy training process and philosophy and gave us a demostration of what Otter has learned so far.  Again, I must say that I am impressed.

If you are looking for a fabulous training experience for your retriever than I suggest that you take a look at The Retriever Acadamey.  Check out their website at: 

Below are a few photos of Otter at The Retriever Academy