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BC Kinsey | History

BC Kinsey is a very well-known and well-respected figure in the firearm industry. His main focus over the last 25 years has been in the acquisition and disposition of special interest/collectible guns. As the Gun Library manager for Cabela's, Kansas City, he was personally involved with buying and selling over $25 million in fine guns since the store opened in 2002 until leaving ​in 2010.

BC had been the owner/operator of Shooters Guns & More in Lincoln, NE for about 10 years where he furthered his life long passion for fine firearms. He was recruited by Cabela's to be the Gun Library Manager for their proposed store in KC. Being the first employee of the new store and starting the Library from "scratch", BC far exceeded the goals and expectations for sales and profit every year during his tenure at Cabela's. For many years the KC Library had the annual distinction of having the most dollars in sales, the most dollar sales per square foot and the most profitable space in the Cabela's multi store system.

BC and the Kansas City store maintained its success through the acquisitions and sales by Mr. Kinsey and by his direction of the KC internet site. The KC internet site is unquestionably the #1 volume site of all the Cabela's stores. BC demanded quality photography and quality descriptions which sets the KC site in a class by itself.

BC now brings his knowledge, expertise, contacts, relationships and incredible history of great acquisitions and dispositions directly to the collector. He will help you to upgrade your collection, dispose of all or parts of your collection, trade guns and/or appraise your collection for insurance and/or estate matters.

A collector himself he appreciates the smile that comes over the face of a client when presented with that one firearm that he/she has been looking to acquire for many years. BC has the resources and connections to find what you want.

Complete and total discretion is always assured.

More About BC


BC Kinsey is a life long gun enthusiast and hunter. Although he truly enjoys big game hunting his true passion is shotgun and wing shooting.

BC grew-up in the fields of Nebraska hunting Ringneck Pheasant and Bob White quail. Upland game hunting then led to his love for duck and goose hunting in the USA and Canada. In 1975 Nebraska opened a Mourning Dove season and that led to what has become his obsession: Dove hunting in Argentina.

If you think you have enjoyed lots of wing shooting in the USA, Canada or Mexico, you are mistaken. Take one trip to Argentina to find out if you really like high volume shooting. If you do have the shooting time of your life, you will go again. BC has been to four different Argentine outfitters in two different provinces during six hunts in the last seven years. Muy Bueno!

His passion for shotgun hunting and shotgun sport shooting is reflected in his involvement with conservation groups that help us to be a good stewards of the outdoors and with shooting associations. He has also been very involved with civic and community organizations.

He is a Life Member of Ducks Unlimited; having chaired events for DU for over 16 years in Nebraska. He was honored as the DU area chairman of the year in Nebraska. He served on a national development committee for DU. He chaired, organized, and raised money to fund the Brook Berringer Memorial Waterfowl Project in Nebraska.

BC Kinsey and Mr. Ugo Beretta enjoying a cigar after dinner at the
Beretta island estate Sao Paulo Island, Italy.
BC Kinsey and Mr. Ugo Beretta enjoying a cigar after dinner at the Beretta island estate Sao Paulo Island, Italy.

He is a Life Member of the NRA and a Life Member of the ATA, NSSA & the NSCA sport shooting associations.

He is a nationally certified Skeet Shooting instructor and has used that training to teach Hunters Education instructors in Nebraska as well as many novice and starting-out skeet shooters.

He has been deeply involved with Human Service organizations in his home town of Lincoln, Nebraska where his tenure on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Council on Alcoholism and Drugs, serving as president, garnered him special recognition from the Lancaster County Health Department at their annual banquet.

He was volunteer "general contractor" on the acquisition and remodeling for Friendship Home when the organization bought and restored a large single family "mansion"; turning it into a temporary home-like atmosphere for as many as five mothers with children who suffer from spousal abuse.

And much more...

He is very proud to be a husband of 39 years (and counting) to a very understanding wife, Jo. He and Jo are parents of two adult daughters. Both daughters are married living in the Dallas are and their spouses are avid hunters, shooters, gun enthusiasts and fishermen! First grandchild, Lucas, is now a 3 year old who is growing and changing daily. As of right now his length of pull is hard to measure but I’m working on getting him fitted for a nice 28 gauge! June of 2016 our first granddaughter Ella Lou was born and 3 months later our second granddaughter Samantha Jo was born. A little early at this point to know if they will prefer SxS’s to O/U’s!