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Browning Midas all gauge set


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Browning Midas Grade all gauge Skeet set circa 1975. A beautiful and rare shotgun ensemble. The fabulous Midas engraving was beautifully cut by the well known Browning artist, Georges Marechal. It has 28” barrels on all gauges with twin ivory beads on each, hand filed ribs and an interchangeable forearm. The stock has a long tang, flat knob; 14 3/8” LOP, 1 ½” DAC & 1 7/8” DAH with neutral to very slight right hand cast. Built to weigh the same in each gauge is weighs 8 lbs. 2 oz. The gun retains 98-99% original finishes and is in near new condition. Factory cased.

$30,000.00 54077S75

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